Explosions n’ Rail Kills, some of the main ingredients in the Gunkatana mix!


One of the many unsolved mysteries of The Matrix Trilogy. What the hell is the Sentinel’s yellow gold flame energy doing to Neo? Afterwards, he knows they need to breach the sky.


Sin Viper grinding the speed rails at various speeds.

You activate a speed rail by holding down the right trigger button. As long as you hold, your speed increases and you can zip across levels super fast; the caveat is that everyone knows where you’re headed!

Heroes turning to Myth

By idolising the old cast of characters, both the heroes and the villain & ultimately redeemed hero, the movie breaks the metaphysical wall by embodying within its own universe the reverential tone fans around the world employ when uttering the words Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca.

Going beyond the near future and immediate happiness following the Rebellion’s victory, we arrive at a world that has already moved on past the hallowed heroes, and Luke Skywalker is treated as the legend he is in the real world.

Perhaps no less could be asked of a Star Wars sequel: to dignify the original trilogy’s events in such a way that they are myth, rather than the events of a couple of decades ago.