2DToolkit Tutorial – one character, many spritesheets

Before 2DToolkit, I was using Unity's own 2D functionality for the game. By this stage I already had built 2 levels and the base abilities (lasers, sword spins, speed rails) for Gunkatana. I wanted to create a way for CrazyArcadia (the artist working with me) to create his own levels within Unity without requiring my… Continue reading 2DToolkit Tutorial – one character, many spritesheets


The Gunkatana Story

The first ever code for Gunkatana was written in April 2014, for an event in the London Game Space. It really became Gunkatana as it is now as soon as CrazyArcadia, our artist and game designer, joined. His visuals sparked the vision that holds true today: a really fun cyberpunk party game, fast paced and… Continue reading The Gunkatana Story

Dream Journal

After experiencing fantastically detailed and weird dreams, I started a dream journal. One night I had three dreams, in subsequent short sleeping periods. First dream I dreamt of visiting a nameless dangerous neighborhood in London with high-rise tube station and many bushes in the ground level. This area is near to an AMC (not AMC… Continue reading Dream Journal