The most important Apps I’ve made:


An Android app for a local food chain. This app marks two firsts:
-My first complete and fully functional mobile app.
-My first Android app.


This is my previous project for my University, it’s a Web Application that has two main functions:
-BACKEND: gather news and content on configurable sources (Youtube, Twitter, Picasa, RSS feeds, etc) about specified celebrities;
-FRONTEND: geotag and display the collected content on a World Map layer, allowing users to add comments, change the locations of the news items and geotag content that doesn’t have location information.

The majority of the interaction between backend and frontend was made using webservices my team developed.
With the aid of the jQuery library I managed to allow complete interaction with the map and the content items without needing to reload the page or disrupting the user’s actions. jQuery’s AJAX functions helped a lot in this matter.

It has now been disseminated.