Black Ops Dream

Dreamt of a group of superheroes(?) being taken to a black ops sci site because they didnt have enough spare change for the bus.

Once there, they had to go through processing. They were all stuck in a lab room waiting for the “sheriff” inspector, a really scary take on the Deadpool costume.

The inspector would have shouted and examined them, all the while attached to the swinging metal door, wearing an inflated deadpool costume with a cowboy hat, his legs swinging wildly in the air, his back was attached to the door. Big, bulky, with a massive scary voice.
However, as soon as the door swings to reveal him to the group of misfortunes, the door swings shut again with him outside of the room, and a group of black clad science class people start punching the inspector and hitting him with batons. He’s killed off screen.
As this happens, one of the teen heroes lifts a window curtain and reveals there’s some dim light outside, they can try to escape through the window…
Will the teens escape this black ops site that’s been taken over by a rogue faction? I don’t know cause I woke up and had to write this freaky ass dream down.

The whole dream felt like the game F.E.A.R. mixed with X-Men: First Class.