Mobile Games in 2017

It’s been years since I’ve played mobile games seriously. That is, besides Hoplite, my trusty commute companion.

Turn based strategy goodness

Now I’ve upgraded to the iPhone 7 Plus, and the expanded specs sent me investigating the current state of mobile games.

Nitrome is incredibly prolific

Old favorites: Dungeon Raid, Hoplite, Punch Quest, 100000000

There’s so many gorgeous experiences out there. I want to play Card Thief, Ticket to Earth, Swap Sword, and more!

I spent some minutes playing Golf Zero:

Very fun and unique concept, but I wish the bullet time effect was smoother, a lot smoother!

Also the controls seem floaty on purpose, they’re almost great but not quite.

Knights of Puzzelot

Puzzelot is an old riff on the Dungeon Raid formula. Even on the new iPhone the framerate is choppy. It hasn’t aged well unlike the other games I tried. The art is wonderful, though.

Almost 20 years after the fact, to be playing Baldur’s Gate in such a speedy portable device is a wonder.

Bethesda must do the same for Fallout 1 and 2, there’s a market for those games!!

Rust Bucket is great but it gets so bloody hard! Hits me good with it’s SNES Zelda aesthetic.

And speaking of SNES, Wayward Souls is a Chrono Triggerlike Roguelike.

Quite beautiful! It’s missing a dash, unless it’s something you unlock at some point.

Punch Quest. Just brilliant. So much great design and art!

Very curious about Swap Sword, the visuals are reminiscent of Samurai Gunn.