The Self-censoring Artists

How to face the I in creation? I always feel an impediment and at the same time a starting catapult. Other authors, other creators, they seem not to mind this question of the I: do I agree with what I’m doing in this instant? Or am I a conductor of some magical inspiration?

Another myth: that inspiration will just strike you one day. But it never does, not on its own. To create is to read;






Creating is thought, architect, organise, fast or slow, guided or not, mapping everything or nothing, but it’s something that you sow, that flourishes and that you tend to.

The power of creation is something magical. But to feel the pressure of copying, to be compared against others, might lead you to stop what you’re doing because you think it’s not original enough. Originality doesn’t exist. What does exist is the difference between who surpasses preconceptions, from others and their own, and creates, setting aside the I or including it.

After originality comes quality in the list of worries of the self-censoring artist.

This is shit, you tell yourself. It might be. But at least, it is, it exists, unlike all the ideas in all the heads of every one who dreams one day to create.
There’s experimentation, excitement, creation, for a long while, in papers, computers, scribbles, in Field Notes, in their heads and in others.

They’re excuses not to create. Quality is constructed. It’s thought. It comes from studying, revising, researching, from intuition and also for the person’s love for the art. It might come natively or be learned, but above all it is built, and not magicked!

Writings are rewritten, games are reshaped a thousand times until the day they’re released into the world.

Unless they don’t. We all create, though not all of us put their creations out there.
How many fantastic stories, unique and important thoughts die trapped in their creators’ minds and never see the light of day?

At least there are books and publications and all the knowledge of the world is catalogued.

No single human will learn all of it, but the knowledge is all on Earth. As if a museum with helpful interpretation tips, Earth is filled with its own manuals and instructions, thoughts, genialities.

If we look at Earth as a living organism, it has self documented itself with the arrival of humans. A self-writing library, humanity living with their biographies tattoed on their bodies. In effect, more than discovering, we are simply learning to read.

In other’s people’s judgement lies ignorance.
Art and creating art as politics and way of thinking.
I don’t want to create to be told “very well” and to be wished good luck. I appreciate all of it, of course.

I want to create, to inspire, to provoke a reaction.