I’ve said it a million times but it rings true: Making things is such a big part of being human. Please do it. We need you in the archives.

We have literally never existed in a time where encapturing what is happening today has ever been more accessible. Keep making things.

Like, do you even realize what an incredible time it is that we live in? History belongs to anyone willing to make it. Make your history.

Don’t let anyone make history for you. We’ve had enough of that shit. YOU have the power if you’re willing to take it and run.

And that’s what fiction and art is all about. At the end of the day, it’s encapturing your experiences in the hopes that others understand.

How you see language, how you see interactions, these things are important. This is why we fight for representation and more creators.

I’m so proud of this generation and I’m so excited for what we spark. It’s a journey. Not a destination.

Never let anyone tell you “We won’t truly have X” stand in the way. Because it’s a worthy venture. Cynics be damned, we can be better people

We can create a better world. And part of that is reflected in what we create because our creations reflect our experienced realities.

If we can imagine a better world, a world full of diverse people experiencing all kinds of things, we can create it. We can see it.

It’s this super hippy dippy bullshit but fuck man, it’s TRUE. Like, we’ve put it through the scientific process. It matters.

There’s not a single scientific study that will tell you our exposure to fiction and media doesn’t affect how we interact with the world.

And if that won’t sell you, you’re either in denial or living in some weird bubble world and you need to GTFO quick

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