Global Game Jam 2014

For the first time I’ve participated in a game jam, and the Global Game Jam no less.

Knowing that one of my best friends was also participating in Malta, and that actually he was one of the organisers at his University, was a big boost to my commitment.

Teaming up with Robin, Robert and Antonio to build a game related to “We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.” during 48 hours was at times an exasperating experience that came together in the second day and ended in a jamming ecstasy as music, art, code became one being with a purpose.

Inslide World

Our limbed eyeball trots the circular world filled with danger and mystery, forever guided by our work as a team, and the wonderful community of game jammers that was present at SAE London.

You can play Inslide World here:

Again, and for a while now, discussing and experiencing my passions without feeling like they’re simple pastimes, without undue anxiety stemming from the fleetness of such moments in the past, was a fascinating and calming experience.

“It’s ok Geraldo, these people will be there next time, this is real and not a smoky impossible dream”, I tell myself. Being close to the people making things happen is a great learning experience. It’s the validation I needed, as a human, that my beliefs and wants are not just mine. I feel among brethren, and not strangers. Favourite games and mechanics will vary but the common thread of making video game experiences is shared.

Jam On.