Rob Dougan – I’m Not Driving Anymore – Furious Angels Album – YouTube

Ten years ago Rob Dougan released Furious Angels, his only album to date. Best known for Clubbed to Death, one of the most used songs in adverts and movies (The Matrix), his album expands his depth and reveals a surprisingly deep lyricist and deep, amazing singer.

His asphalt gravel voice is unmatched.

Mr. Dougan, we need more music from you.

Rob Dougan – I’m Not Driving Anymore – Furious Angels Album – YouTube


Each line of the program creating a new effect, much like… poetry.

The Merovingian

The Matrix Reloaded, 2003

Comparing programming to poetry, probably the best line of the whole trilogy, and so forgotten and barely noticed. What a fantastic nod to coders.

What is the reason? Soon the why and the reason are gone and all that matters is the feeling. This is the nature of the universe. We struggle against it, we fight to deny it; but it is of course a lie. Beneath our poised appearance we are completely out of control.

The Merovingian – The Matrix Reloaded (via afropsycho)

Cue the orgasm cake. I love this movie so much.

Finally I have completed Persona 4 Golden. What a wonderful game. One of my favorites of all time. Touching, personal, amazing. 89 hours. Now onto Persona 4 Arena!

I think what The Matrix achieved is reached in videogames only by Xenogears, Xenosaga and Mass Effect. They all follow the idea of a never ending cycle of renewal being broken.

And it is this cycle of renewal that does not exist in the first Matrix movie, and that is why Reloaded is my favorite, because it goes beyond “world isn’t real” and brings back to mind Nieztche’s Eternal Recurrence.


Ok this is big, I once had found lots of The Matrix sequels publicity shots in a website, downloaded them all. And then my disc got damaged, and I lost all those photos. The problem? The Matrix was already dwindled in popularity and I couldn’t find those pictures anywhere. I may have already stumbled upon them a couple of years ago but here it is:

It’s quite cool to see photos like Smith in the real world or Neo and Trinity dressed as they in the Matrix but in their quarters in Zion.

While I could accept that Zion and 01 are real, I don’t accept that Neo has powers over the sentinels and tow bombs just because he has a wi-fi transceiver on his head. It’s just too stupid for me. You can use symbolism to make something special and allegorical, but the idea of a wi-fi device does not go hand in hand with Gold Code, stopping the sentinels with your hand and seeing Smith as a flaming demon, not in my mind at least.

Interesting questions:

  1. Why would all the machine code be overridable by The One, Neo? Why not just the Matrix? If he wanted could he have torn apart the Deus Ex Machina at the end? Every time there’s a reload do all the machines get reloaded? 

  2. Perhaps after what I imagine 600 years or more, the Machines have grown accostumed to using the Matrix signal to receive orders. Could Neo have stopped the sentinels in Zion, outside of Broadcast Depth? Probably not. One good theory I read this morning involved bits of Neo being spread all over The Matrix, thus explaining his power over them.

  3. We never see the Machine World’s virtual reality, but if there is a passageway like Mobile Ave, then it stands to reason it wouldn’t be that much different from the Matrix. Well, then I guess we did see it, and it is the Gold Code.

  4. At the end, Neo may be dead as the script states, but his body is not a black blotch over the trash machine that carries him (the making ofs calling that machine the trash machine really damage that scene for me), which means his body is charged with all of that yellow energy. So perhaps the Neo from the Matrix comes back into the body, like Smith did to Bane?

My personal headcanon ignores whatever little plot points were made during The Matrix Online and sees a revived Neo FLYING around the real world repairing the sky with the help of the machines. If he can stop sentinels, feel them, see Smith through his blind eyes and absorb a sentinel, he can fly, dammit, I don’t care how.

Perhaps the machines stumbled upon the fabric of reality itself. But yes, Neo is not seen affecting anything that is not a machine. But perhaps? It’s not like he tried to do it. But he couldn’t see anything that wasn’t machine. Just don’t have it be a wi-fi device, please.

So in truth Gold Code, the Matrix and Mobil Ave all occupy the same space so to speak, are all over the surface until you reach the deepest broadcast depth possible.

So perhaps he does have a way to jack in wirelessly, they all do. I’ve just read it described as “telephathy” Well that would be the closest to telepathy.