Thoughts on Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim should be this generation’s Titanic, if there was any justice in the world.

Pacific Rim poster

A new IP based on a number of influences, too numerous to count. Oh, del Toro never saw Evas duking it out with Angels? Well I am dead certain a lot of his VFX, photography and props crews did, because the movie stinks of Evangelion and Escaflowne. And it’s a good kind of stink. And of course, even if he didn’t see Evangelion, he saw other animes and live action movies.

We had our Ghost in the Shell by way of The Matrix.
We had our Akira via Chronicle.
Now we have our Giant Combat Suit movie.

NOTE: Spoilers follow, don’t read if you haven’t seen.

It hits a lot of right notes. There’s humour, there’s seriousness, there’s a Rei lookalike.
It thrives on details, like the birth of a Kaiju inspired culture and the international Jaegers.

The acting is the kind a movie like this needs. It’s not a Tarantino movie, but neither is it a Michael Bay movie infested with characters of poor judgement skills. There’s a lot of shouting, and I wanted to join in.

I have not looked at the writing credits but I guarantee Lindelof, Orci or Kurtzman did not touch this movie’s script. It’s too contained, too in control for them.

It beats Cloverfield and Bayformers in action and monster hunting.

The fights are epic, grand, and for most of the time, easy to follow, even the hand to hand combat, which is a rarity these days.

The clean straight edges of the Jaegers are much easier on the eyes than the overly complex Transformers’ bodies. Therefore the 3D didn’t tire my eyes.

The movie can’t just live on the fights. The mind drift plot is very well done, it fuels the movie’s emotions. Rinko was awesome and proved to be more than a reference to Rei. The best acting on the movies comes from her. When she drives the sword and rips the Kaiju apart, the sun on the horizon, it really feels like an anime breathed life.

Right before that scene I kept telling myself “they should have put a sword on this movie” and BAM, a sword materialises out of nowhere. Bravo, Guillermo del Toro, for reading my mind.

The soundtrack is also amazing, mimicking the movie’s contained tone but being exciting enough to get the heart pumping. The guitar driven main theme is heard a lot through several variations and is the musical “Jaegers kicking Kaiju’s ass” motif.

That said, the movie hasn’t set the USA afire, as the movie debuts at a depressing #3. I can’t fault the studio as there was tons of publicity, not as much as Man of Steel but still. I won’t grudge about american audiences either.

If your kids are over 12, take them to see this and let their imagination roam free. And you go see it and let your imagination roam free, too.

Note: the writers are Travis Beacham and Guillermo himself. I knew it.

Note 2: Loved how the governments of the world went all Attack on Titan and were erecting a huge wall.


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