Hey everyone! I said I was going to have a giveaway annnnnnd so I am. I will pick 8 different winners and first person will have their choice of which one of the items they want and it will continue down through the 8 until the last item is left (so if the final item is something you don’t want, I apologize ❤ )

What we’ve got here (in case you can’t read my awful handwriting in Gimp) is a brand new 10 inch plush of Superman, a brand-new pair of Sonic the Hedgehog earrings, a brand new special edition DVD of the entire series of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, a brand new cell phone charm of Silver the Hedgehog, a brand new Batman tote, A 6 INCH KNUCKLES PLUSH THAT I WAS TOLD WAS BRAND NEW WHEN I ORDERED IT FOR THIS GIVEAWAY BUT THEN WHEN I GOT IT HERE IT DOES HAVE STAINS ON THE GLOVES SO I’M ANNOYED AND WILL UNDERSTAND IF NO ONE WANTS IT I AM SO SORRY, a brand new Superman(Supergirl?) tote and a brand new Mens size Small t-shirt with Donkey Kong on it.


(Though I doubt it’ll get too out of hand since it’s nothing big BUT just in case)

  • MUST BE FOLLOWING ME (Because, really, I’m doing this because I ended up hitting 200 followers last week&this is major thanks to all those who follow me ❤ )
  • Out of courtesy for other people who follow your blogs, try not to reblog more than 3 times in a day, okay? Not that I can stop you and I’m not going to “un-count” entries but I’m requesting it.
  • GIVEAWAY ENDS AUGUST 24TH 2012 – at that time I will use a random generator to pick the winners and you will be notified VIA DM

she was disarming: Man disagrees with woman, makes game about punching her.


This is a thing that happened.

Helen Lewis wrote an article on the New Statesman yesterday on the online harassment experienced by Anita Sarkeesian, which I’ve been following for a while. To recap:

American blogger Anita Sarkeesian, who launched a Kickstarter programme to raise $6,000 to…

she was disarming: Man disagrees with woman, makes game about punching her.