William Gibson on The Setup

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William Gibson on The Setup


Job offer

You’re looking for work abroad. Suddenly, an opportunity arises, a Skype interview goes well, arrangements for a trip are pondered. No, they won’t pay for your trip, all of it at least. You can count on half of the expenses. You bite, even though your last interview abroad was paid by the interviewer, as it should be, you believe.

So you visit the country, meet up with your potential future employers and colleagues and all seems well. After your return, a promise of a job offer seems the answer to your dreams.
You wait a while. After a decent amount of time, finally the offer comes. It’s great! You still calm your friends because it’s not into writing yet, and you don’t want to be disappointed.

You reply with some questions about finishing your thesis, stuff that had been settled but was brought into question by the job offer.

A week goes (sic) bye.

Their reply: “we are very sorry but we have decided to remove the job position, and therefore have to retract the job offer”. Your jaw drops. Your gut unclenches, your disappointment settling in.

And they still haven’t paid half of my travel expenses.