In Defense of BioWare

I know I don’t have to defend BioWare for nothing, even though I’ve been rooting for them since day one of their spectacular rise through the game industry from underdogs to top of the line in as little as 10 years, but this kind of overreacting is too much.

If you feel wrong about DLCs and networks a bit too much, read my other post about Singularity. You need to understand that these things take time, and that there will be bugs in the system.

If you agree with @TheGameCritique, then let me tell you this list of items:

  1. Your problem is with the interoperability between Steam and EA, not with BioWare.
  2. If you felt wronged during a Tech Support call, file a complaint.
  3. If you make a huge headline called “BIOWARE YOU SUCK” and then write “I don’t blame BioWare. I blame EA.” in your post, you are dead wrong in the message you are sending.
  4. EA is doing this to address PIRACY. Help them out, and if you find bugs or problems, call tech support or just file a complaint in their system. Don’t make huge, empty and ultimately pointless threats.
  5. To conclude and to answer Eric Swain’s question:

    The purpose of the Ultimate Edition was to have there be no need to buy all the DLC individually; it’s on the disc or Steam download as the case may be. Why did I have to register it when you know for a fact it’s part of the game and comes with every copy of the Ultimate Edition?

    It’s because of piracy.

    Start following @firstworldlife if you think this is really annoying. I mean, seriously.