TwistedFires: So about that updates… Yeahhh…


I really feel like a slacker now, I know I promised some updates soon, but yeah, I’ve been quite busy for the last weeks, and by busy I mean playing 😛 Nah, not really. I’ve been trying to learn how to make Android games and playing League of Legends with my friend (which we are pretty good…

TwistedFires: So about that updates… Yeahhh…


[20:01] Fireholly99: Can I ask a creative writing question?
[20:01] DerMenschenhass: sure!
[20:02] Fireholly99: Say I am writing a story. Say, a fanfiction, for a game like, I don’t know, Metal Gear.
[20:02] Fireholly99: And I want one of the hypothetical characters to be based on the kind of characters played by a specific actor, as you can see fits in with the hypothetical theme of this hypothetical fandom.
[20:03] Fireholly99: Say that actor is someone with a distinctive and consistent acting style like, for example, Nicolas Cage.
[20:03] DerMenschenhass: oh dear
[20:03] Fireholly99: how do i get the reader to make the mental connection that they’re supposed to be casting this exuberant psychiatrist character as Nicolas Cage in their heads?

[20:13] Fireholly99: still. thanks.
[20:14] Fireholly99: my biggest challenge now is finishing off my schoolwork before i realise how stupid an idea this fic is and don’t write it.
[20:14] DerMenschenhass: hehehe
[20:14] DerMenschenhass: well, I wish you all the best with it