Memories of #Appsterdam

This is part One of my trip to #Appsterdam with my gorgeous girlfriend, @senayuri, also known as Isabel Pereira.

Wednesday, 11

After some chocolate pancakes and a hot coffee we bought our “I amsterdam” cards, which give us 72 hours of free transports, free entrance on a number of museums and a bunch of freebie and discount vouchers. We took a ride for Rembrandtplein and visited the Rembrandt huis, his rebuilt house.

Afterwards we went to the Hortus Botanicus, the local greenhouse and botanic garden. The butterfly greenhouse was very hot but it was nice to watch the butterflies fly around us.

Then, after visiting the Dutch Resistance museum, we took a walk and a train ride, ate lunch at McDonalds and arrived at the Amsterdam History museum at 3pm.

The Tulip museum was still far so we went walking and riding the tram on line 5. We stopped at a shopping area in Kiezergrascht. I bought a vintage paper bunny dress-up kit for my girlfriend and she purchased a giraffe Pandora charm, unavailable in our country. That made her very gleeful and I promised we’d be back for the book charm. We we’re on our way to a canal cruise.

Nearly missing the 6pm Blue Boat cruise due to an error of mine, we enjoyed the canals for an hour and fifteen, touring A’dam’s many sights.

Following that we made our first incursion into Vondelpark and strolled until we found a bench. we pored over our many maps and guides and sketched the following days’ activities.

Dinner was decided: either a greek or italian affair near Centraal Station.

Roaming our tired feet through Niewedirk street, we glimpsed many coffeshops patrons enjoying their wares… The accompanying smell was very telling.

We arrived at our restaurant for the night: Panagia, the greek affair.
Foreign 80s pop music blared on the speakers. The deco was greek enough, classical motifs on the walls, columns and busts filling every nook and cranny.

My girlfriend entertained herself assembling the bunny kit and then putting it away. I worked on this travel log.
The bitter lemonade tasted great, but the Mossaca tasted too much like a regular lasagna.

Afterwards we went to our rented boat.