Why did it sold out so quick?

I’ve seen a couple of suggestions on why Apple’s WWDC sold out so quickly.
For instance, some say Apple is too successful for its own good, and that there’s no way they’ll make all those developers happy, and that many were left out and will hold a grudge.


I couldn’t disagree more.

I think WWDC selling out so quickly is a sign of the times. A lot of people see a lot of potential in the platform, so they want in on the action. It’s only natural. Apple doesn’t have to cater to the developers that have helped them grow. Xcode 4 is different so it’s more accessible. WWDC tickets were flat-rated so it was easier to buy. This is the year of the iPad 2, remember? Don’t hold a grudge because you didn’t get a ticket, and please don’t think of Apple as Microsoft, running around with a cadre of developers groomed over the years.
And also, don’t think your era is over. Stop thinking in absolutes.

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