Black Ops Dream

Dreamt of a group of superheroes(?) being taken to a black ops sci site because they didnt have enough spare change for the bus.

Once there, they had to go through processing. They were all stuck in a lab room waiting for the “sheriff” inspector, a really scary take on the Deadpool costume.

The inspector would have shouted and examined them, all the while attached to the swinging metal door, wearing an inflated deadpool costume with a cowboy hat, his legs swinging wildly in the air, his back was attached to the door. Big, bulky, with a massive scary voice.
However, as soon as the door swings to reveal him to the group of misfortunes, the door swings shut again with him outside of the room, and a group of black clad science class people start punching the inspector and hitting him with batons. He’s killed off screen.
As this happens, one of the teen heroes lifts a window curtain and reveals there’s some dim light outside, they can try to escape through the window…
Will the teens escape this black ops site that’s been taken over by a rogue faction? I don’t know cause I woke up and had to write this freaky ass dream down.

The whole dream felt like the game F.E.A.R. mixed with X-Men: First Class.


The Gunkatana Story so far

The first ever code for Gunkatana was written in April 2014, for an event in the London Game Space. It really became Gunkatana as it is now as soon as CrazyArcadia, our artist and game designer, joined. 

His visuals sparked the vision that holds true today: a really fun cyberpunk party game, fast paced and drenched in fake blood.

I worked on it on my free time until eventually it took over all of my time. After 3 years at Plumbee doing social casino games, having worked on their Mobile slots app, its Facebook version, and their Bingo facebook game, while all the time managing iOS, Android and Facebook releases and AWS deployments (and an on-call schedule), I needed to see Gunkatana through.

Starting on October 2015 until May 2016, I was dedicated full time to Gunkatana. We launched our Kickstarter April 2016.

We had a good amount of initial articles but couldn’t muster the attention during the KS.

I led a team of 5 people across Europe, we managed to get Joonas Turner of Nuclear Throne’s fame to make the sound effects for the game.

Challenges faced:

  • Implementation and balancing of different combat moves – where game design meets programming and heavy playtesting.
  • OUR GOAL: an easy to pick up game that you become better at as you play – its hard to balance between all feedback received, from people who aren’t used to twitch games to experts wanting even more control
  • Level Editor with heavy use of custom inspectors, Scriptable Objects and Resource Loading.
  • Custom Inspectors for Rail, Wall parts allow selection of different Rail directions, different wall colors, adding more connected rail parts next to them, stretching and aligning wall parts (complex prefab objects)
  • Sound management via a series of custom scriptable objects, allowing sounds to be selected, pitch shift applied (via code), pools of sounds for specific events via Unity Editor
  •  3D and 2D sounds
  • Level Editing within Unity via custom Inspectors
  • Asynchronous resource loading and optimization
  • Input handling and player management
  • Unity2D, Unity UI and 2DToolkit
  • Showcasing the game to audiences at various events
  • AI implementation with A* algorithm

Since October 2016 I’m now back at Plumbee, now GSN London, and since April 2017, just in time for the 3 years since Gunkatana’s inception, I’ve started working on it again on my free time.

Mobile Games in 2017

It’s been years since I’ve played mobile games seriously. That is, besides Hoplite, my trusty commute companion.

Turn based strategy infinitely replayable goodness

Now I’ve upgraded to the iPhone 7 Plus, and the expanded specs sent me investigating the current state of mobile games.

Nitrome is incredibly prolific

Old favorites: Dungeon Raid, Hoplite, Punch Quest, 100000000

There’s so many gorgeous experiences out there. I want to play Card Thief, Ticket to Earth, Swap Sword, and more!

I spent some minutes playing Golf Zero:

Very fun and unique concept, but I wish the bullet time effect was smoother, a lot smoother!

Also the controls seem floaty on purpose, they’re almost great but not quite.

Knights of Puzzelot

Puzzelot is an old riff on the Dungeon Raid formula. Even on the new iPhone the framerate is choppy. It hasn’t aged well unlike the other games I tried. The art is wonderful, though.

Almost 20 years after the fact, to be playing Baldur’s Gate in such a speedy portable device is a wonder. 

Bethesda must do the same for Fallout 1 and 2, there’s a market for those games!!

Rust Bucket is great but it gets so bloody hard! Hits me good with it’s SNES Zelda aesthetic.

And speaking of SNES, Wayward Souls is a Chrono Triggerlike Roguelike.

Quite beautiful! It’s missing a dash, unless it’s something you unlock at some point.

Punch Quest. Just brilliant. So much great design and art!

I’ll continue these expanded thoughts on games. Very curious about Swap Sword, the visuals are reminiscent of Samurai Gunn.

Dream Journal

After experiencing fantastically detailed and weird dreams, I started a dream journal.

One night I had three dreams, in subsequent short sleeping periods.

First dream

I dreamt of visiting a nameless dangerous neighborhood in London with high-rise tube station and many bushes in the ground level. This area is near to an AMC (not AMC TV) warehouse building with big letters outside spelling AMC in red. AMC The International or AMC Intentional. This is probably a place completely fabricated by my mind.
In these bushes there would be spread out big peluccia animals that looked very realistic while walking around them. You’d have tigers and lions and other dangerous fake animals, their bits flying in the wind.
One night when coming home to catch that high tube, one of the animals actually starts moving and turns out to be a real tiger. Me and a friend run from it but eventually I was eaten in a very painful way, which prompted me waking up.

Second dream

Within the corridors of this high level tube station, coming back home, our group of 5 or 6 was stopped by security-looking personnel who were staking out the downward stairs on both exits of the big room we were in.

They claimed a dangerous individual had been seen. At this moment one from the group explains that this area is known to harbour violent people who will lay down extreme violence at random.

The security team keeps talking with each other claiming the individual is getting closer, and everyone gets more tense and nervous. I’m an easy to scare guy, so I was already very scared.

Eventually some other civilian that was in this area waiting with us shouts at another civilian that was with him telling that “THE VIRUS IS HERE” and suddenly the security team stops pointing the guns at the stairs and kill every single person that was there, including our group and firing at me. They motioned against each and there was a shootout between all the security guards. When they began raining down fire on us, they were shouting the positions they had picked and firing at each other. “I PICKED THIS SPOT”, “BUT I PICKED THIS”.
I woke up again.

Third dream
I am in a train carriage with my girlfriend and a nemesis of us, a former friend who has strangely come to visit us abroad.
The train stops at the high level tube station, and we are again warned by someone else in the group that its a dangerous area and violent people can show up at any time for any reason.
We are again presented with security guards claiming we can’t leave the station because there is a suspect walking around outside. Our group seems larger now, as one of my colleagues from work is also present.

Again the security team stakes out the stairwells, and tensions rise. There’s chatter about viruses, weaponry and the fucked up individuals outside.

Eventually we hear gunshots from outside. Me and my group retreats into some stairs going up in the back of the room. It appears theres a large mass of freaks outside with pistols coming up the stairs.

We rush up the stairs as the whizing of gunshots floods the room, one of my colleagues using his hand to cover up my head from any stray bullets. I lose track of my girlfriend by now.

When we reach upstairs, we realise we are stuck in a small office with no other way out. The hope is that the criminals leave soon after gunning down the security guards.

I peek through a window overlooking the room.

I see cops with riot shields, helmets, green night jackets. Dead bodies dot the room. I realize the criminals were the fake security guards, and someone in my group shouts “OF COURSE! I’ll never bend to those bastards!”. I had stumbled upon a major crime network.

and then i woke up…